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No need to be an expert, simply install the free Shopping Push marketing module available in all the top e-commerce platforms and we will boost the exposure of your products.


More than 4,500 e-commerce shops have entrusted Twenga's technology over the past 15 years.
Shopping Push by Twenga will automatically extract all the relevant data from your shop to boost the exposure of your products in our Price Comparison Site and Publisher Network: All at once.

  • Multi-channels

    We’ll add new acquisition channels to your marketing-mix and continuously optimize it thanks to machine learning

  • Increase reach

    Display your product in front of millions of potential customers exactly where they're searching for it before they reach your competitors

  • Revenue and ROI optimization

    Each single product of your catalog will get a specific visibility based on its performance

  • Seamless Integration

    No development, no configuration needed
    Only need to activate our plug & play module

  • Tracking. You're in control

    We support utm parameter customization and you set the KPIs. User interface for your total metrics and budget control

  • Sales boosting

    Drive incremental sales from multiple channels and uncovered opportunities. Get new customers to your ecommerce instead of leading them to your competitors





  • Install our app from your ecommerce platforms. It's free!

  • Set your budget.

  • Skyrocket your visibility

  • Sit back and relax.
    We'll drive sales for you!

Machine learning technology at your disposal:

  • What do I need to do?

    Shopping Push is a fully self-managed solution. We do not require any maintenance from your side other than allocating your budget. Your full catalogue is automatically integrated into our platform directly from your e-shop. Then we'll create a dedicated marketing solution where we estimate which of your products a potential buyer will search for.

  • What makes Shopping Push by Twenga Solutions truly special?

    Shopping Push by Twenga Solutions will use its unique machine learning technology to:
    1. Create your e-catalogue
    2. Distribute the products simultaneously in multiple placements. All automated
    3. Predict accurate conversion rate and basket value per item on a daily basis
    4. Make optimal investment per placement
    5. Boost your sales intelligently

  • How will my products be displayed?

    They will be simultaneously displayed on our Price Comparison Site where hundreds of merchants including 900M+ products for high price sensitive users and a network of publishers

  • Why is there a budget associated and what will it be spent on?

    Our publishers network is formed by a conglomerate of partners that normally has associated costs for our traffic acquisition. Twenga will use a machine learning technology to make sure that the allocated budget by the merchant is efficiently distributed across all the possible placements.

  • How do I allocate my budget?

    Your dedicated and secured Shopping Push interface will allow you to setup your monthly budget. You can change it any time and we'll always set the optimal budget amount for each item in your catalogue

  • How much does it cost?

    Our app is completely free. You only need to allocate the budget you want on a monthly basis. There's no set-up costs and no minimum commitment.


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    Sales Generated

  • 4,500

    Happy Clients

  • 900 M


  • 40 M€

    Ad Spend

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